Resolute Research Group's team is made up of extremely compassionate and experienced clinical research professionals. With over 25 years of combined experience, we pledge to take care of every detail of every study with utmost professionalism. Our experience includes all specialties ranging the lifespan from Labor and Delivery to Hospice. We have led the coordination of many trials; with some being the highest enrolling sites in the county. Our nursing experience provides us with years of compassion and service to apply to our patients on study. We excel in making every patient feel accomplished in their participation and will truly elevate their experience. As nurses we want to ensure our contributions continue to enhance and ensure a bright future for our communities.  
We ensure that physicians can concentrate on the patients, study details and data without having to worry about the logistics.  Every detail from regulatory, budgets, and contracts all the way to archiving is completed with precision.   
Let Resolute Research Group take you through the clinical trial journey with experience and unwavering confidence. Our experience will impress even the hardest critics. 

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We strive to conduct outpatient trials Phases II-IV with quick and efficient turnaround time.


We are experienced, qualified and trained individuals (GCP, CITI, HIPAA, IATA, OSHA,CPR). We offer a 24 hour emergency contact and staffing.

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We seamlessly guide your office through the clinical trial process. Let RRG take care of all aspects of the study.